Sephora Outrageous Rouge Extreme Liquid Lipstick

A lipstick that is liquid? Can I not call it lip stain? Because a lipstick is something solid right? Anyway if Sephora, one of the biggest cosmetics brand in the world, calls it liquid lipstick then liquid lipstick it is! I recently got their Outrageous Rouge Extreme Liquid Lipstick (outrageously long title huh) in their gorgeous branch in Tahlia Street, Olaya and I must say it’s one heck of a lip weapon!

The Outrageous Rouge Extreme Liquid Lipstick comes in a sexy black tube and it’s really liquid but dries into the lips and stays for most part of the day (if you don’t eat or drink or lick your lips that much). I forgot I was into nude colors when I saw their 02 color, a hot pink aptly named “Fuchsia Flirt” for its vibrant and irresistible shade. One swipe is all I needed to last me for hours! It didn’t budge and I actually had to dab dab dab a lot of times to make my lip color more suitable for work. My only issue is that it looks a bit patchy on the lips. If your lips are dry then this is unforgiving. It will show how rough and cracked your lips are. Also, you can’t remove it easily; you need a powerful makeup remover or oil for this.

For some intense 'rampa'
For some intense ‘rampa’

I might get the 01 (Rose Seduction) or 08 (Plum Excess) next time because they’re the more subtle shades.

Product Name: Outrageous Rouge Extreme Liquid Lipstick

Brand: Sephora

Price: 99SR

Where To Get It: Sephora stores in Panorama Mall, Riyadh Gallery, and Hayat Mall.

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