Blue Corn Deep Cleansing Mask

When we reach the end of a workweek, it’s usually best to attend to our skin after a week of makeup and stress from work and life in general. I for one like to have at least an hour of a personal spa moment. In the past, I tend to test out some new products from time to time because who knows, maybe I’ll stumble upon a magical potion somewhere. My mom was actually the first one who tried out this mask from The Body Shop called the Blue Corn 3 in 1 Deep Cleansing Mask with much gusto and convinced me to try it.

Last weekend, I had my “spa hour” at home and gave myself a treat. It’s been a while since I had a facial treatment so I guess it works to my advantage that this is a 3 in 1 procedure (cleanse, scrub & moisturize). I washed my face clean first and then patted it down to almost dry. The product itself isn’t too wet or lotion-y to begin with but it did hang on to my face naturally. The smell wasn’t what I would normally be attracted to when buying a beauty product — but then again, it is blue corn so it’s not meant to smell like baby powder or something like that.

I let the mask sit on my face and two minutes in, I could feel quite a sting in some spots of my face but it was manageable. After 10 minutes, I could feel the stretch brought upon the drying of the product. When I saw the cracks starting to appear, I rinsed while scrubbing off the mask – serving as the exfoliating part of the process. As I wiped my face to finish, I could feel my skin breathing and noticed how cleansed it indeed felt.

I think for the most part, the unique selling point of this is the 3-in-1 feature which won’t have you buying three separate products to do three different things. For its price, it’s quite reasonable granted that you aren’t going to use it every day and if you use it on a weekly basis, it can probably last you up to three months, at most. Not too bad!


Product Name: Blue Corn 3 in 1 Deep Cleansing Mask

Brand: The Body Shop

Price: 89SR

Where To Buy: Any branch of The Body Shop

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