Nyx Xtreme Lip Cream

For someone who claims to love nude and neutral colors, I sure do review more extreme lip creams that has a vibrant, eye-popping colors. Haha! Well, the Nyx Xtreme Lip Cream deserves an entry in our Beauty Bets because it’s one of Nyx’s most famous line. I have it in two colors: Candy Land, a blue pink beauty, and Spicy, a bright red. But first, is it a lipstick or a lip gloss? Well, let’s just say it’s a hybrid of both that gives off an intense pigmentation and a silky and glossy finish.

You go girl! Wear Xtreme on your lips.
You go girl! Wear Xtreme on your lips.

Indeed it’s intense. When I’m using it, I can’t help but be conscious (you know how it is in Riyadh with makeup and all) because they’re really head-turning. But sometimes, you just gonna be confident in your choices in life makeup right? Haha. I love how velvety this lip cream feels in my lips but I’m also weary of the smudges. It transfers to glasses, tissues, anywhere that comes close to my lips! They’re not long-lasting so I suggest using a lipliner underneath it.

Product Name: Xtreme Lip Cream

Brand: Nyx

Price: 28SR

Where To Buy: Centrepoint’s Beauty Aisle (Riyadh Gallery and Centrepoint Takhasussi, beside Euromarche and TGIF)

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