Ahhhh, Aveeno!

Winter is here and our skin could use a hearty dollop of good lotion to stay moisturized and supple. During this time of the year, we can easily develop dryness in our face, legs and skin in general. In Riyadh, where dryness is always an issue (during Summer AND Winter), it would help keep our skin healthy if we had a reliable moisturizing agent that would actually work (and not just make us smell fruity or pretty). Now I know we’ve hoarded a lot of the commercial brands during the sale season that we all love to sniff off our arms and body. I mean, I can’t blame you for hoarding — I did too at those ridiculous drop in their prices! However, after I tried using Aveeno’s various skin care products, I managed to spot an integral difference that made want to have a change of heart.

Aveeno is a line of skin care products that feature “naturally active ingredients” which is primarily the colloidal oatmeal that is present in all of their creams, lotions and shower oils. Colloidal oatmeal acts as a protective skin agent and helps the skin to restore its normal pH levels. The term “Aveeno” is an ode to the scientific name of oat which is Avena Sativa.

I was able to try four of Aveeno’s moisturizing products for over a month now and I’d like to break down my experience with them one by one. Starting with…

Aveeno Cream


The bottle didn’t specify if it was a cream exclusive for the body or the hands so I used it on my face! Haha. Well, I used this mostly at night because it really gave me a bright and refreshed look the morning after. I put it on after I do my facial cleansing and it seems to have fed my skin with nutrients over night because my skin looked plump and smooth when I look in the mirror first thing in the morning. I did try applying it during the morning at times but it clashed with my make-up products in a way that it made my foundation look cake-y even with the use of a beauty blender. If you’re not a make-up kind of girl and you like to keep it natural, this cream can keep your face hydrated the whole day.

Aveeno Skin Relief Shower Oil

Sorry for not having a decent picture. But this proves I've been using it! :P
Sorry for not having a decent picture. But this proves I’ve been using it! 😛

The Skin Relief line of Aveeno is targeting consumers who have skin issues like itchiness or eczema. Fortunately for me, I don’t really suffer from those kind of sensitivities except for having genetic psoriasis on my elbows and ankles so I can’t really vouch for the skin relief part because my psoriasis didn’t really go away even after using it…but what I can say was that I did feel more moisturized throughout the day (especially after I paired it with the Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion below). At first, I wasn’t sure how to use a shower oil exactly, but after some research, I learned that I could apply it after I do my soapin’ and scrubbin’. I leave it on for a while and lather it generously all over my body and just do a quick wash down under the shower after. I made sure to just pat it off with a towel (and not rub it dry) so that I could let the oils do their magic.


Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion with Shea Butter


Now this lotion was a revelation to me. I was so used to pretty-smelling lotions for a long time now that I finally spotted a difference when it came to using this product. Albeit it is fragrance-free for the most part, which is such a deviation from what I expect from body butters and lotions to be, its consistency was very rich and felt very good on my skin all throughout my day. It’d make my skin so moisturized through the entire day that I wouldn’t find a dry spot on my chest and legs even after I come home from work (unlike the results of my previous lotions which were watery in terms of consistency and would have me re-applying it midday or by night-time). It was so effective at keeping my skin moisturized that I didn’t even care if it didn’t smell like anything at all. I’m proud to claim that I have finished this bottle off before any of the rest of the products I tried from the Aveeno line. A definite must-have!

Will definitely get one of these again.
Will definitely get one of these again.

Aveeno Hand Cream

Within my reach on my desk.
Within my reach on my desk.

When you’re working a lot of office hours like I do, having dry hands is inevitable and if there’s one thing that can always reveal the true age of a lady, it’s her hands’ appearance. So ladies, it’s always handy to keep a good hand cream within reach to apply every now and then in between breaks and the Hand Cream from Aveeno is a beaut simply because it can retain its moisture even after you wash your hands. Women working in hospitals know this drill so if you want, try this on for size and see what I mean.

For the obvious downside, Aveeno products are pricier than its counterparts in the market but in terms of a specialized type of skin lotion/cream, their prices are pretty competitive and gives justice to your hard earned cash (average of 35SR and above for each bottle). Aveeno products in Riyadh can be bought at any Boots Pharmacy and online at iHerb.com If you aren’t convinced of the potential of these skin goodies, maybe I can let Jennifer Aniston convince you instead. She is after all their official endorser. 😛

Photo Credits from the internetz.
Photo Credits from the internetz.

Stay moisturized all year round, Riyadhizens!

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