High Beam by Benefit

I really liked the strobing trend from late last year and I’ve always loved that ethereal glow from J. Lo ever since she carried it. Shame on the people who think we’ve got oily skin! Hello, it’s called a highlighter, ya’know? Fluent make-up speakers, please help us explain. :p Anyway, I’m lucky enough that my mom understands these sort of things and she gifted me with Benefit’s High Beam last month. For the uninitiated, High Beam is a liquid cream highlighter that you can apply under your eyebrows or on your cheekbones for that “glowing” effect. Previously, I was using NYX’s Illuminator for this glow effect (which was a press-powder form) and testing a cream variant of this product was a good contrast.

Dab on a few on your cheekbones and blend.
Dab on a few on your cheekbones and blend.

The cream itself looked like a nail polish application but it is actually soluble in terms of texture. It comes with this pink satin/pearly color that would work safely across all skin tones and there isn’t any unpleasant smell from the product. A little goes a long way as I dab on four to five dots along the lines of my cheekbones and softly blend around it with my fingers.  I use my fingers for this because I found that my beauty blender absorbs much of the product when I tried using it. I apply this on top of my foundation, however, I find that after I putting on my setting powder, the shimmering glow seems to be muted a bit. Although, the “glow” looks more natural from there. For its price range, the product promises longevity in your shelf (as long as you don’t overuse it). IMO, it’s good for special occasions where you would have to look more glammed up than usual but if you feel like having the “glow” of which we speak of, then pair it with a nude lip gloss and you’re already a notch higher from your regular makeup look.

Product Name: High Beam

Brand: Benefit

Price: 115 SR

Where To Buy: Sephora Branches

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