Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation

Welcome back to my month-long reviews of foundation in our Beauty Bets section. I don’t even know why I’m reviewing them because I tell you, I hit the jackpot when I ordered all of these foundations that works great on my skin! I’m pretty sure they will also work great in yours. You just have to find the right shade. Again, if you’re having a hard time picking the shade that is right for you, head on over to Findation.com to look for the equivalent foundation shades across most of the popular brands. So here is another foundation that I’m loving… the Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation. It promises to last for 24 hours but frankly, who wears their foundation up to 24 hours. Girl, pimples. Don’t do that to your skin. Remove all makeup before sleeping!

Creamy, great consistency RImmel!
Creamy, great consistency RImmel!

Anyway, the Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation, according to its official description, is party-proof, transfer-proof, and leaves a flawless looking skin around the clock. I believe, I believe! I used it this morning for the second time and I’m amazed at how smooth my face looked even though I used a minimal amount of it.I didn’t even use a brush or my Beauty Blender to put this in my face better. I used my fingers and the application is already good. So bravo! The formula is good too; it’s just the right texture and it went on silky on my face the entire day (work day). Of course, it didn’t take long enough for my face to be oily on the T-zone because that’s just what my skin is. So I’m thinking this is not so good for those with really oily skin and hate to touch up during the day. Go for a more matte finish. I also didn’t like the lack of pump. It’s just a bottle with a quite the opening so if I wasn’t careful enough, then this will just spill all over the place. I don’t like using this when I’m in such a hurry because I’m afraid I will just make a mess of things.

The Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation is really a decent foundation especially when I consider its price. I’m a Soft Beige shade. Will I buy again? Maybe not, because it didn’t really leave an amazing, wonderful impression like what my favorite foundation did. I’m getting to my most favorite after a couple of other foundation reviews first. Stay tuned!

Product Name: Lasting Finish Foundation

Brand: Rimmel

Price: USD 5.06 at Drugstore.com (SR 19)

Where to Buy: Shop online at drugstore.com (ship via Shop N Ship) or visit the Rimmel counters at Whites Pharmacy and Boots

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