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When I was a sweet little girl in La Union (wonder what happened with the sweet little girl, haha), I used to go to my grandmother’s room and check out her dresser. I would always find a Wet n Wild lipstick that came from relatives in the United States. I would try them on but I remember I always go for the lighter colors so they were already gone from my lips when my grandmother would see me. I remember its strong perfume scent which puts me off. For years, I haven’t heard of Wet N Wild until I recently learned more about their changes, innovation, and transformation. It has upped its beauty game and it’s again popular with this generation. This time, it’s no longer known as the brand for mature people. Haha! They’re trendier and fun!

Colors that I can wear every day.
Colors that I can wear every day.

I picked up a few Wet n Wild Megalast Lip Color from Drugstore.com because I read nice reviews about them and also, they remind me so much of my life in the province and my lovely grandmother who still lives in the land of sea-scented sunlight and fresh wind. (Missing them so much!) It just so happens that a childhood friend who went to the US for her vacation also got me one tube. We are both from La Union and the coincidence was just funny that it was her pasalubong to me, haha! (Thanks Alexa!) So anyway, I picked four colors because they were having a Buy 3 Get 1 promo. Each tube costs USD 1.95 (approx. SR 7.31). As usual, I went for laidback colors that are work-appropriate and less noticeable by the religious police haha! I went for Mauve Outta Here, Rose-Bud, Bare It All, and Mocha-licious. I like the colors I picked and the random one that Alexa picked for me which is the Dark Wine.

My lip candies! <3
My lip candies! <3

There are 26 shades to choose from so there’s an abundance of whatever color you’re looking for. If I were me, I’d like to get them all! Hahaha! These lip colors are considered as the “Magnus Opus” of lipstick, a great work indeed! These lipsticks has a semi-matte cream finish that feels rich and velvety. It goes on smooth and doesn’t cake and sit on my lip lines like crazy. It has a soft feel and texture that’s moisturizing. Its promise to last four hours doesn’t hold true though because as soon as I eat, it gets thinned out by water and oil. Then eventually, the color goes away. But for its price, I have no regrets in buying it. They’re such classics and they’re as pigmented as I remember them to be. Just without the strong perfume scent.

Product Name: Megalast Lip Color

Brand: Wet n Wild

Price: USD 1.95 (approx. SrR 7.31 + shipping)

Where To Buy: Drugstore.com

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