Top 5 Skincare Products You Should Buy From iHerb

iHerb is a wonderful website to discover natural and organic products. Here are our top 5 must-have skincare products! From a serum that doubles as a primer, a toner made from rosewater, and a hot chocolate body scrub that is literally “hot chocolate”!

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It’s now a known secret in my circle that I’m an iHerb addict. Oh wait, if you’re new to The Pink Tarha and Beauty Bets, you might not know what I’m talking about. Kindly refer to these posts on my online shopping experience. I not only wrote about iHerb once but twice! And I have ordered from iHerb a couple of times already. I just love that website! It carries a lot of brands that are not easily available in Riyadh and they’re all organic and natural. iHerb has been in business since 1996 and they have over 1,000 brands and 35,000 products in their website. They also have a very affordable shipping fee to Saudi Arabia and that’s via DHL! If your order go over SR 150, you only pay SR 30 for shipping. Yasss! They also have a great loyalty program. So yeah, it’s not hard to fall in love with iHerb.

I have discovered a few products that are really worth the money in iHerb. If not for iHerb, I wouldn’t have my holy grail facial serum, toner, scrub, and mask now. Or even not get to try a magical body scrub (you’ll soon know why it’s so amazing in my books). So here are my recommendations because really, with all that products in there, it’s a bit hard to choose. And with time and money to think about, you can’t really afford to buy a sub-par product that will eventually be just a waste. So yes, please believe me when I say, BUY these products! LOL (we’re such bad influences when it comes to retail therapy). Or well, at least try them. I love the following products from iHerb:


1. Now Solutions Hyaluronic Acid Firming Serum, SR 42
Here comes the ageing dilemma. Haha! So when I turned 30, I promised myself to take care of my face better. Having been an acne-prone teenager, I have a lot of pimple scars and discoloration on my skin that tended to show up to now (especially if I’m not wearing makeup). My face also looks dull and ngarag (stressed). So I started incorporating more skincare products in my regimen. I added a facial essence treatment (that looks and feels like water) and a serum that has hyaluronic acid, considered as a great firming agent. The first serum I tried was from Bottega Verde in Dubai (which opened a new branch in Riyadh btw) but when I ran out of it, I turned to iHerb and found a serum from Now Solutions. Unlike the clear gel of most serums, Now Solutions serum is a bit yellowish and has a light lemon scent. This didn’t do a miracle immediately in my skin. Neither did it remove the scars. It just made my skin more supple and softer after a month or so of use. It went well with the other skincare products that I use and I didn’t have any breakout from it. It also acts as my primer when I’m feeling lazy to add an extra step to my morning face ritual. It smoothens my face and becomes a good base for makeup. When you try this, don’t expect a result immediately. The way I see it, it slowly nourishes the skin from the inside to out so it takes a couple of months to show any improvement. I really love this and I’m on my second bottle now.


2. Acure Organics Brightening Facial Scrub, SR 32
If you’re looking for a facial scrub that really works, I recommend the Acure Organics Facial Scrub. It has organic sea kelp and lemon peel to gently exfoliate the skin and French green clay that removes impurities from the pores. The organic chlorella growth factor and argan stem cells stimulate new cell growth and repairs damaged skin. Reading this made me want to get a lab coat so I can be all scientific on you. Haha! Anyway, it also has Madonna lily stem cells that help brighten. When I first opened this, I was taken aback by the color and smell. The dark green color took me aback; it really looks like mashed seaweed. It also had an herby smell that needed some getting used to. However, once I massaged this on my wet face, I can feel why people really love this. It has a rough feel at first but it becomes relaxing. The beads are real small and it gets in your pores cleaning it deep and effectively. Just make sure to wash your face really well to remove the tiny beads. My face usually feels so clean and clear after washing with this facial scrub.


3. Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses Floral Toner, SR 42
I use Etude House Wonder Pore Cleanser during the day but at night, I reach for the Andalou Naturals Floral Toner from their 1000 Roses line. It’s a rosewater mist with alpine rose stem cells that refreshes and revitalizes the skin’s delicate pH balance. It also has pomegranate extracts that is rich in nutrients that tone and tighten the skin. It can also be used as a refreshing mist throughout the day but because the bottle is a big, I don’t bring this all the time. I haven’t used this for a long time but I feel that every time I use this at night, my skin feels nourished in the morning. This toner is a part of the 1000 Roses line of Andalou Naturals and of course, it works better when used with the other products on the same line. I dislike the rose scent of this toner though. When I first used this, my first thought was “my grandmother will love this!” Haha! You know how the oldies like their subtle rose scents in every thing right? Well this rose scent is not subtle but it does go away after some time.


4. Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay, SR 30
If your skin is oily and acne-prone and you have a lot of facial sin problems, then this mask is for you. It’s a rather strong mask and I will only recommend this for those whose skin is not too sensitive. Dubbed as the “world’s most powerful facial”, the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay is a popular deep pore cleansing mask that contains 100% natural calcium bentonite clay. It has no additives and fragrances. It can be mixed with water and it will look like clay when mixed. But it’s more effective when mixed with apple cider vinegar. I tried this and I was scared a bit when my face feels like it was pulsating, haha. Actually, it was more like a tingling sensation. I’m so amazed at how my skin felt smooth and soft after rinsing this out. Even my husband likes this because it pulled out his stubborn black heads. It really cleans pores! No need for pore strips! It might be harsh for those who have sensitive skin. This healing clay is so popular it’s almost always out of stock in iHerb!


5. Giovanni Hot Chocolate Sugar Scrub, SR 37
This is probably one of my most amazing discovery in iHerb. My curiosity was piqued by this hot chocolate scrub just because reviews said it has a really “chocolatey” scent to it. Now, that’s a great smell when you’re having a treatment in the spa right? So I though maybe I can recreate the feeling and scent in my own bathroom with this. OMG, I was so surprised that it really does smell like chocolate! You won’t believe me until you smell it but I swear… it’s so intoxicating! I wanted to eat it! Haha! And not only that, it’s literally “hot” chocolate! This scrub warms up to the touch. No kidding! So just imagine yourself in the shower smelling like chocolate and having those warm sugar granules polish your skin’s surface! Ahhh super relaxing! My husband doesn’t get why I wanted to smell like chocolate but I told him I’m sweet. LOL. But really, this is by far my most favorite body scrub. Ever.

A lot of Pink Tarha readers are asking us if we pay any other fees when ordering from iHerb. In my experience, I only paid for my orders and the shipping fee. I haven’t paid any customs fee or anything like that. So yup, it’s pretty much straightforward. Anyway, if you want to try samples or smaller versions of products in iHerb, you can check out this page. They also have a page for products with special discounts. if you’re going to purchase from iHerb and it’s your first time, you can use the code ZBW692 to get 5% off on your order. Share to us what your favorite iHerb products are so that I can try them next time! If you bought any of the above, share to us your feedback!

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