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We were fortunate enough to get a box of makeup goodies from Mica Beauty, a brand that creates a line of 100% all-natural, high quality cosmetics. Their branches and retail points of sale are available all over the US, Canada, and Europe. As said in their name, Mica Beauty’s mineral makeup has 100% pure MICA and minerals making their makeup extremely gentle and free of preservatives, chemical dyes, talc, oils and other fillers. Their mineral makeup has a high antioxidant level to help protect the skin from future damage and premature aging. Their goal is top provide the highest level of customer satisfaction while revolutionizing the mineral makeup industry.

That’s interesting to note for me because I actually thought the lure of mineral makeup has been fading. When I was starting my makeup collection eight years ago, I was pretty hooked on mineral makeup too because of the good benefits it brings to the skin, better than commercial ones. A lot of beauty bloggers in the Philippines were into mineral makeup back then and they have a lot of choices in the home country. I, on the other hand, ordered from Etsy. I love the powder foundation and eyeshadows. However, my interest on mineral makeup faded throughout the years because commercial makeup were easier to get and they’re available every where. So it’s nice to see a mineral makeup brands still doing a great job in the industry.


I was excited with their BB cream. It’s the first time I’m using a mineral BB cream. Mica Beauty’s Perfecting Flawless BB Cream comes in a gorgeous bottle. The white glass bottle with silver cap feels luxurious. However, I got a bottle that has a defective pump. No matter how many times I push the pump down, no product was coming out. So I had to just unscrew the cap and do the swiping manually. Most BB creams are known for being multi-taskers and this product is no different; it promises to renew, brighten, even, and moisturize the skin. The colors are also said to be self-adjusting; their colors ranging from light, medium, dark, tan, cocoa and chocolate. At first I was doubtful that the “dark” shade they sent me will suit my skin tone. Usually, “dark” in most foundations and creams is literally dark for me.  But this BB Cream’s Dark shade really complimented my skin well. This is more like their “natural” shade because they have dark shades in tan, cocoa and chocolate.


The formula is also very silky and smooth. It glided on my face really well. It was a bit sheer but it has enough coverage to hid my reddish spots and dark circles. And while it looked heavy clinging to the pump stick, it feels really lightweight on the skin. It didn’t cake and it didn’t settle to my crease lines (although it did settle to my huge pores and scars like most liquid foundation I use). It’s also great for my combination skin because it’s not oily. The texture feels good while I wore it throughout the day. It didn’t have a long staying power though as I’ve noticed a melt down after a few hours but good enough for a day in the office. It works better with a primer underneath it. No breakouts so far but I expected this in a mineral makeup. So if you have really sensitive skin that is prone to breakouts and acne, then try Mica Beauty Mineral Makeup.

Mica Beauty is available in their website. They offer free shipping to most GCC countries but if you want express shipping to Saudi Arabia, then there’s a AED 40 shipping fee.

Product Name: BB Cream

Brand: Mica Beauty

Price: AED 199 (approx. SR 200)

Where To Buy: www.micabeauty.ae

*Mica Beauty sent us a couple of their products for review. Opinions and feedback on this entry are my own.


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