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Remember this entry? When we had a masterclass with Sephora Pro Artist Helen Phillips, it was also the time that Sephora Middle East launched their Nuit Kajal, a 2 in 1 product that can serve both as a liner and an eyeshadow and comes in four shades: Fantastic Black, Enchanting Beige, Charming Brown, and Attractive Blue. We were given the Black and Beige shades from the collection during the event so that we can test it out. From the day I opened these two kajal liners, I’ve been using them a few times a week. They have their pros and cons but overall, they’re a good addition to anyone’s makeup collection.

Sephora's Nuit Kajal
Sephora’s Nuit Kajal

The traditional kajal pencil was first used in India, Egypt and the Middle East (imagine Cleopatra’s eyes). It’s traditionally made from lead sulphate (heavy duty metal ingredients!) but modern kohl pencils are now made from natural, non-toxic ingredients like resins, plant extracts and soot. Sephora’s Nuit Kajal is made from all organic ingredients and won’t irritate the eyes even if you line your inner lids with it!

Excited to try these!
Excited to try these!
Creamy, buttery sticks of kajal
Creamy, buttery sticks of kajal

Let’s start with the Fantastic Black shade. It definitely serves as an eyeliner first but I find that this kajal makes the simplest yet best smokey eyes ever. Since I’m a working woman, I don’t have all the time in the world in the morning to make an eye look. I usually spend my makeup time perfecting my foundation to have that clean base for my blush, bronzer, and highlight. I don’t usually put too much makeup in my eye. And that’s when I discovered how convenient having the Fantastic Black Nuit Kajal in my arsenal. It has a buttery, creamy texture that glides on well. It’s also super pigmented! I line the bottom of my eyelids with this and then blend the line upward. It creates a smudge effect that creates an instant smokey look! No need to combine any other eyeshadow. It’s an effortless look that works especially during the day since we don’t need a dramatic smokey eye. But of course, you can also use this to create smouldering smokey eye looks for fancier parties and events. However, while the black kajal works like a charm for that smokey smudge, I had a hard time using it as a liner that stays all day. It will budge and smudge!

The black kajal smudged to create a smokey effect. And the beige kajal to create a base eyeshadow.
The black kajal smudged to create a smokey effect. And the beige kajal to create a base eyeshadow.

The Enchanting Beige Nuit Kajal, on the other hand, works perfectly as a base for eyeshadows. This is what I’ve been looking for because the reason why I don’t usually do eyeshadow looks is that most eyeshadows don’t appear as vivid and bright on my eyelids. It’s as if my lids absorb the eyeshadows and they disappear! Haha! It might also be because of my morena (brown) skin tone. Anyway, I put the beige kajal all over my lids and I put other eyeshadows over it. In this way, the colors of the other eyeshadows pop! The same as the black kajal, the beige one is easy to apply because it’s buttery; it’s creamy and not chalky. Sometimes, I use it as an eyeshadow alone and it’s really nice; just a simple perk-me-upper to my otherwise bare face. I find this eyeshadow to be longer lasting than the black one.

Both the kajal comes in a gorgeous packaging. They look luxurious. I love the gold trimmings in the packaging and I like the shape of the kajal stick. They’re not in pencil form but comes in a pointed creamy tube. I’m just worried when I reach the bottom part of the stick where it’s not pointed anymore. I might have to use a thin, small brush to get the products, which is an added step to my otherwise fast makeup routine in the morning, haha. Oh well, that works too. Anyway, be careful on putting the gold cap though because you might ruin the kajal’s form.

Product Name: Nuit Kajal in Fascinating Black and Enchanting Beige

Brand: Sephora

Price: SR 70

Where To Buy: All Sephora branches in Riyadh

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