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I love makeup palettes! Especially when it has almost everything in one. It’s easy to carry around, I save some space in my bag, and I don’t have to bring different items from blushes to powders to eyeshadows. If I can pack them all in one container the better! That’s why the Freedom System of Inglot appealed to me greatly. A palette from Inglot has always been in my wish list! The brand has been a pioneer of a lot of things in the cosmetics company having been founded over 30 years ago in Poland. They’re most known in the GCC for their breathable nail polishes but I think that their makeup lines are great too; their displays show vivid and bright eyeshadow colors, pigmented blushes and lip creams and a wide range of foundation, lipsticks, and eyelashes. I finally got my own “combo” palette a few weeks ago and I have tested it for a week. I’m going to review each component of this palette and share what I thought about them here:


They are packaged individually.
They are packaged individually.

1. The Freedom System Palette in Combo, SR 50

Inglot’s Freedom System Palettes come in a range of sizes for their various range of products. I love the combo palette because it has four spaces for a pressed powder, a blush or highlighter, eyeshadows and lip creams… whichever fits on the spaces, you can place them there. It’s an all-in-one palette that holds pans in place with a magnetic layer on the bottom. It also gives the freedom to mix and match, rearrange, change, refill the items we want. The contents are super customizable! I went for their combo palette and filled with with a pressed powder, highlighter that can double as a blush, a rainbow eyeshadow, and a lip cream… basically an entire kikay kit, just minus the brush! I love the black, sturdy packaging in the bottom and the smoked glass filled with the black Inglot logo above. It looks sleek and elegant. I definitely want this in my beauty kit! The downer though is the lack of mirror but that’s not a problem for me because I have a single travel-size mirror from Lottie London which I carry every where. Also, it’s a bit messy once you start picking up the product on a brush. Powder gets everywhere in and out the pan. This palette is eco-friendly and reusable too. All in all, this is a worthy palette to buy, especially when it’s your first time to try Inglot.

Choosing the HD Pressed Powder
Choosing the HD Pressed Powder

2. HD Round Pressed Powder, SR 50

Inglot has both loose and pressed powders. I chose the HD pressed powder because I saw little subtle shimmery dust in it that makes it different from all my other pressed powders. Turns out, Inglot’s HD powder has diamond dust that helps hide the skin’s little imperfections and leave the face looking refreshed and rejuvenated. It promises a long-lasting finish making it ideal for every day use. And because it’s HD, this product can be used in filming (not that I have any movies or commercials to film, you know, haha). It makes the skin looks flawless. Now, I have problematic skin with traces of scars from my long ago pimples. It’s a bit hard to make it look flawless especially when I’m just using powder so this didn’t work as promised when worn alone on my skin but with foundation, I love how well this blends and my face looked refreshed and bright (maybe because of the subtle shimmer). It also felt lightweight. In this range, they very limited shades to choose from so I just got the darkest one, which is not dark at all.

3. HD Highlighter Trio, SR 45

Singles to a palette
Singles to a palette

Because I picked up an HD pressed powder, I followed it with an HD highlighter palette that is beautiful as a highlighter and subtle enough to be a blush. In this way, I get 2 products in 1. The Highlighter Trio, as you might know from the name, has three shades in one pan. It makes the cheeks and cheekbones area look healthy and illuminated. There are four color combinations and I picked 101, the shades of pink, because the colors combined are universally flattering. I also want to save on space and pack three colors in one. Either way, the colors can be used together or individually. There’s good pay-off on colors and not a lot of fall out which is really good.

4. Rainbow Eyeshadow, SR 45

I could have easily selected one of the single eyeshadows in Inglot (that goes for SR 30/40 a pop) but I thought why not really make the most of my first ever Freedom Systems palette and get one of the rainbow eyeshadows which is a 3-in-1 eyeshadow! It has three tones of the same shade in one pan. So, I already have colors for my eyelids, crease, and browbone. Perfect! Haha! I got the 132r palette which is a bit on the coral side; perfect for summer/fall. I love how little the fall out is and the powder doesn’t go everywhere. It’s silky to the touch and goes on smooth. I’m a little bit miffed that they’re all a bit shimmery. It has a sheen when swatched and doesn’t really go on as opaque as I like.

5. Lipstick, SR 30

Oooh what color?
Oooh what color?

Technically, this is not a lipstick because well, it’s not formed as a stick. It’s like melted lipstick in a square pan, haha. But I love this! It’s packed with Vitamin E and apricot kernel oil that moisturizes and protects the lips. It’s creamy and smooth and non-sticky but even though it promises a long-lasting formula, it’s not as long-lasting. But it has a really pretty color though (mine is code 60 which is a dark mauve).

Overall, I find the palette really well-crafted and well-thought of. I love how each component is spaced a bit away from each other so the powder fall out won’t go to another pan. I love the products too. Adding up the prices of each component, my full palette amounted to SR 220; not bad considering I have everything in there already. This is great for travelling! I’ll just have to make room for makeup brushes in my beauty kit and I’m good to go! Give Inglot’s freedom system a try in the branches near you.

Product Name: Freedom System Palette

Brand: Inglot

Price: Varies

Where To Buy: Inglot branches (Hayat Mall, Sahara Mall, Lulu Avenue Mall, etc.)

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