Favorites // October 2016

We’re halfway November but I hope it’s not yet too late to show you my Five Faves for the month of October.


Wow, it’s November 16 and I’m only writing about my October favorites now. Haha! As you know, we have a blog over at main The Pink Tarha site and our schedules were crazy busy the past few weeks. It’s a good kind of busy though because we get to discover a lot of things and meet new people. I was just looking at my stash two weeks ago because I played as an amateur makeup artist to my friends who went to an “enchanting” party. The event had them dressing up like fairies or rather winged creatures for a night so they let me play with their look for a bit. I put makeup on someone! Woot! Haha! Okay, anyway I was looking at my stash and found that I have completed a list of five favorite things for October so here they are:

1. Missha Time Revolution First Treatment Essence, SR 105

The facial essence that feels like it.
The facial essence that feels like it.

I was emptying my SK II Facial Treatment Essence when I decided not to repurchase it. I don’t know; I felt like it did little to my skin. I’m not sure how effective it was because I also introduced new products to my facial routine during the time I also started using the SK II so I’m not sure if my skin improved with it or because all products were working great. I think it was the latter but I wanted to try a new facial essence that I saw from iHerb and that’s this Time Revolution First Treatment Essence by Missha. It said “intensive” on the bottle so I figured out this might make some drastic improvements in my face. It promises to soothe, hydrate, brighten and repair the wrinkles of my face. So far, I’m loving how bright my face looks after I put this in the morning along with the skincare products I’ve been using. It has a slightly different feel compared to the SK II in the sense that the “water” feels a bit heavier. Like it has more minerals and nutrients in it compared to the SK II (that one felt like simple water on my face). It feels more highly concentrated. My face also feels like it’s more hydrated than usual although I’m still deciding if I like that feel or not. Sometimes I mistake it for being oily. Haha! I’ve just been using this for a month so I still have quite a way to go to really prove the effectivity of this product but so far, this is one of my favorite skincare items in my dresser. Get this from iHerb.

2. Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream, $47

This is one helluva expensive product but you know what? It friggin’ works wonders! I bought this special edition Kiehl’s at the Hongkong International Airport in one of our layovers. It’s not a cult favorite for nothing. This cream is so lightweight (almost feels like nothing after slathered on my face) and so comfy for every day use. In my case though, I only use this at night and during flights because it’s really moisturizing! When I wake up in the morning, my skin is refreshed. It has glycoprotein extracted from sea glaciers that protects against cold weather and desert plant extract found in the Australian Outback that retains water. So tell me if this is not the perfect moisturizer for Saudi Arabia this winter season! I’m so glad I have this now that we’re changing seasons. Love this! Get this from Duty Free shops whenever you’re flying out of Saudi Arabia.

3. Inglot 35S Brush, SR 250

I love this dense, soft face brush.
I love this dense, soft face brush.

You’ve probably read my review of Inglot’s Freedom System palette (the entry before this). When I got that, I also got a really puffy, large dome brush that will help me put on powder. That is their 35S brush. I love how big it is and how it covers huge parts of my face in one swipe. It’s a time saver especially when I’m putting makeup in the morning. It can be used with a lot of different types of powders too, whether it be pressed or loose. It can also help in putting on blushes and bronzers. The bristles are soft enough to be gentle on the skin and dense enough to pile on the product. It’s the perfect brush for my HD pressed powder! Get Inglot from their branches and kiosks all over Saudi Arabia. In Riyadh, they have branches inside Riyadh Gallery, Lulu Avenue Mall, Hayat Mall, Granada Mall, Lulu Khurais Mall and Salam Mall.

4. Sleek Highlighting Palette in Solstice, NA

The one highlighting palette you'll ever need.
The one highlighting palette you’ll ever need.

I love, love this product! A little swipe goes a loooong way! Unfortunately, I would have to tell you that this is not easily available here in Riyadh. It’s not available in Whites Pharmacy, the official distributor of Sleek Makeup in Saudi Arabia. I had to ask my friend Jou to buy me one in London. Haha! It just so happens that I know that Sleek is a UK brand. Thanks to her I got my hands on this. The Solstice Palette contains four highlighters that enhances the complexion. Each pan is filled with highly-pigmented metallic powders that makes the skin luminous. The highlight it creates is not too blinding though; it just has the right and subtle sheen. I love the peachy, nude shades because they fit my skin tone really well. Sleek Makeup is available in Whites Pharmacy (Riyadh branches) but the Solstice is not yet available here. The Metallics Palette is a good alternative though.

5.Soap & Glory Pillow Plump XXL Lip Plumping Gloss, SR 60

This really gives the lips a plump feel and look.
This really gives the lips a plump feel and look.

I saw this first from Tati, a beauty Youtuber that I watch. She gushed about this so much that the next time Boots Pharmacy had their Buy 1 Get 1 in their Soa & Glory products, I bought this immediately along with one of their bronzers. Like Tati, I love the super shiny, smoothing and hydrating effects of this lip gloss. It features a Lipswell Natural Flower Oil infusion and a glassy-shine technology. When I first used this, I felt this strong tingling sensation on my lips; I thought ants were all over my pucker. Haha! It was that intense! It’s nothing like the plumping glosses I’ve tried before. This one really stings but I got used to the sensation (and it wasn’t anything painful, just a bit ticklish) and it’s worth it because my lips looked perfectly plumped and glossy. Like I ate something juicy all the time. Haha! I’ve been using this when I want to stray from my usual matte liquid lipsticks. It’s a bit sticky though. I got the clear lip gloss aptly named “Clearvoyant” but if you want some subtle colors, go for Coy Toy, Nude In Town, or Pinkwell. Without their promo, this is around SR 60 a piece. Soap & Glory is available in Boots Pharmacy.

My October loves.
My October loves.

So there we go, my five fave products for the month of October. Here’s to hoping I don’t get tardy in posting my November faves! Haha! Have a beautiful life, Riyadhizens!

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